Ow fuck fuck fuck I burnt my whole left hand pulling out shit from the oven I need to eat this hot pocket though

I’m Back

I havent been on tumblr in forever but I’m back now I have also moved back to Westchester :/ But oh well shit happens 

Anonymous asked:
i said you are perfect because your hot, talented and seem like a chill nice guy haha :) im scared to come off anon though lolz im awkward

ahah well dont be scared im not that judgemental and thanks lol :p

Anonymous asked:
I was imagining a major in music at Julliard. ):

Wow you must have been talented to get in, and I allways am around there alot of my friends go to lagaurdia 

Anonymous asked:
where are you going to college and what are you majoring in?

Well since I graduated a year early, but didn’t get to apply anywhere because I found out I could graduate about 2 months before school was over, i made this plan. Next school year I’m going to go to community college so I can get base credits then I will transfer out to the school I want to go to and major in Computer Science (programming stuff), because I really want to get into the video game industry. 

Anonymous asked:
you're perfect.

aha thankyou, urg why are these allways anon, and why, exactly, ham I perfect?

Yes more questions, all your question belong to us

Anonymous asked:
how was your day?

It was good, I went downtown and shopped for cloths cause I’m moving and i just graduated so I need new cloths for college.

Anonymous asked:
have sex with me your actually so hot

um, well thank you but my right hand might get jealous

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